Collecting leaves is one of my joys

Living in Portland Oregon, a varied and lush environment, has influenced my life. My passions are trees, leaves, light, color and shape. A B.A. in Fine Arts, coupled with 25 years working in graphic design, now combine in a wonderful synergy as I collect and create collage, using nature’s art as my inspiration and raw material.

Walking is time ‘in the office’. Every plant and each season is different; many factors create unique qualities so none of this can repeat exactly. The whole collection process remains fluid and exciting. I find collecting is my way of connecting – with community and what’s happening outside.

Botanicals are gathered and then pressed for four to six months before the collage begins. Papers, textures and combinations of colors are chosen to bring the details out in nature’s art, allowing the leaf or flower to ‘sing’. Possibilities are endless.

To complement the leaves, I’ve created a line of artwork where flowers are captured photographically in macro zoom against a deep black background. Surprises are found in the familiar – things we miss or that our naked eye can’t see – are now visible. Life’s incredible designs, pollen, strands, patterns, colors, metallics are all there. One quiet moment contains drama. And as it happens, I am now collecting year-round. Perfect.

Thanks for looking.